Sri Lakshmana Swamy

Sri Lakshmana Swamy

Sri Lakshmana realised the Self in the presence of his Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1949, he currently lives close to Arunachala. The following is an extract from the book written about him and Mathru Sri Sarada entitledĀ ‘No Mind, I am the Self’ by David Godman

“The mind will engage in sadhana, thinking that it wants to destroy itself but as soon as the mind starts to sink into the Heart, a great fearĀ  arises which prevents the mind from completely subsiding. This fear is part of the mind’s self-defence mechanism, and you will never overcome it by effort alone. It is because of this that you need the grace of the Guru. When you concentrate on the name and form of the Guru, or try to be without thoughts, the grace of the Guru calms the mind and helps it to overcome the fear which would otherwise prevent it from completely subsiding.

The mind must die, there is no other way to realise the Self. Some people say that complete equanimity of mind is Self-realisation, but this is not true. This is only a stage one passes through on the way to Self-realisation. Other people say that seeing the Self or God everywhere is Self-realisation, but this is not true either. To see the Self everywhere there must be an ‘I’ who sees, and while that ‘I’ exists the mind will also exist. The jnani does not see anything because the seeing entity in him has died. In the Self there is no seeing, only being. When the mind still exists one can reach a stage where one can see the whole world as a manifestation of the Self, but when the mind dies, there is no one who sees and no world to be seen.

If you have a mind then the earth, the sky and the stars will exist and you will be able to see them. When the mind dies there will be no earth, no sky, no stars and no world. The world of objects, names and forms is only the mind, and when the mind dies, the world dies with it. Only the Self then remains.

Seeing everything as the Self gives the impression that the Self is equally distributed everywhere. This is also an idea in the mind. When the mind finally dies you realise that there is no distribution and no everywhere.”


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