Ribhu Gita

Ribhu Gita – One of the 6 books highly recommended by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi – Audio – English – Click Arrow on left to start – Click Arrow pointing right to jump to next Chapter

“There is no ego or mind
There is no maya
There is no hearing, reflection, or sitting with a one-pointed mind
There is no ignorance
The 5 basic elements do not exist”

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Selected Verses from The Essence of the Ribhu Gita as translated into English by Professor N.R. Krishnamoorthi Aiyer a disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi – the full translation of Chapter 26 and an explanation can be seen here – Ribhu Gita – Chapter 26

5. The universe was neither born, nor maintained, nor dissolved; this is the plain truth. The basic screen of pure Being-Awareness-Stillness devoid of all the moving shadow pictures of name and form of the universe is the sole, eternal Existence. (Ch.2, v.33)

11. There never was a mind nor any of its countless forms like world, jivas, etc. There isn’t the least doubt that all these are the form of the eternally undifferentiable Supreme Brahman Self. This is the Truth. The one who hears this great secret diligently and understands completely, abides as Brahman-Self. (Ch.5, v.28)

48. There is never such a thing as conception of names and forms, no such thing as the conceiving mind, no such thing as a person lost in samsara, and no such things as the world and its creator. Everything that is seen to exist must be realised to be no other than the sole, pure Awareness-Being-Brahman-Self. (Ch.25, v.8)

61. There is certainly no such thing as mind with its constituents of thought and thought forms of objects. In this conviction one should ever abide still and at peace, in the state of thought-free alert Awareness-Self which endures after all sadhanas and its rigours have exhausted themselves in Brahman-Self. (Ch.27, v.29)

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